db's Annual Black History Month TV Schedule: BHM TV: Feb 11 2009

Saturday, January 27, 2007

BHM TV: Feb 11 2009

Feb 11, 1:15 AM (SHO)
Paul Mooney: Jesus Is Black, So Was Cleopatra: Know Your History 
Comic Paul Mooney performs his stand-up routine at the Laugh Factory in California. 

4:00 am (LIFE)
Intimate Portrait: Laila Ali
A look at the life of the woman who has stepped out of her father's shadow to become a professional boxer, an entrepreneur, and an aspiring model and actress.   

7:00 am (BIO)
Biography : Bob Marley
Profiles the career of the King of Reggae.   

3 pm (TVONE)
MLK: A Dream Deferred 
documentary that explores the state of Black America after the civil rights movement.

5:00 pm (HBO)  
Joe Louis: America's Hero... Betrayed
Chronicles the life and career of the famed boxer, including his influence on perceptions of race and class in pre-war America.    

8pm (The Documentary Channel)
“No Short Climb: Race Workers & America's Defense Technology”  
brings to the forefront the contributions of African-American scientists and technicians who helped shape America’s defense efforts in World War II.  

ESPN Film: A Woman Among Boys
A chronicle of the experiences of Ruth Lovelace, the first female coach of a boys basketball team at Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn. 

9:00p.m. (PBS)  
Henry Louis Gates Jr. dissects the myths that have grown up around Abraham Lincoln.  


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