db's Annual Black History Month TV Schedule: BHM TV: Feb 16 2009

Saturday, January 27, 2007

BHM TV: Feb 16 2009

5:00 am (HGTV)
Restore America: A Salute to Preservation
Ebenezer Baptist Church, Edith Wharton House, and President Lincoln and Soldiers' Home National Monument

6:00 am (HIST)
Save Our History: The Underground Railroad : Part 1 of 2.
Two-part program uses slaves' engravings, songs, and diaries to chronicle their quest for freedom and profiles some of the pipeline's more prominent figures.   

8 am (TVONE)
Barack Obama: The Man and His Journey
President Obama shares stories of those who have inspired his journey.

8:30 am (HBO) 
Joe Louis: America's Hero... Betrayed
Chronicles the life and career of the famed boxer, including his influence on perceptions of race and class in pre-war America.   

10:00 pm  (PBS) 
At the end of the American Revolution, slaves were offered freedom in return for service to the British. This is the story of their resettlement first in Nova Scotia, then Sierra Leone, where dreams of a haven came to a tragic end.  


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